·         Critics decry GM rule in Iraq

http://www.the-scientist.com/?articles.view/articleNo/23517/title/Critics-decry-GM-rule-in-Iraq/ - PDF Version

·         Report shows rootcrop as potential carotinoid source


·         Threat to wheat genetic resources


·         Horticulture Cultivars Performance Database
HORTIVAR is a new tool for safeguarding information on the agronomic performance of horticultural cultivars in relation to agro-ecological conditions, cultivation practices, the occurrence of pests and diseases, market requirements, and consumer preferences...


·         Developing-world universities miss out on cassava research funding
Nagib M. A. Nassar laments that funds for cassava research are normally directed towards international research centres, wich are not short of money or provisions, rather than towards those programmes run by universities in developing countries.
(extracted from SciDevNet : GM Crops - Readers' Comments)

·         Peter H. Raven to receive from the President of the United States the National Medal of Sciences, the highest award for scientific
accomplishments in USA.


·         African tree yields promising bacterium
A wild strain of the bacterium Escherichia coli, which has recently been isolated form a product of the African karité tree, could transform toxic compounds into ones useful to the food and chemical industries, say French researchers.
(extracted from SciDevNet)


·         Looking for drought-design crop plant.
(extracted from Science in Africa Magazine)


·         The rape of the Pelargoniums...
and the export of African traditional knowledge. Nature conservation officers frustrated as hands tied with red tape that should be catching consortiums picking and exporting several tons of African flora.
By Janice Limson
extracted from Science in Africa Magazine)


·         Brazil regulates research on genetic resources
Luisa Massarani
(extracted from SciDevNet)

·         Has passed away in May 5th this year, Charles M. Rick Jr, a pioneer of plant genetic resources.


·         Decades of Cassava research bear fruit
(extracted from IDRC Reports)



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