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Gene Conserve Foto Gallery A

M. falcata

M. pentaphylla

M. gracilis

M. paviaefolia

Natural habitat of M. paviaefolia

M. oligantha

Natural habitat of M. oligantha

M. tomentosa

M. attenuata Muell

M. peltata

M. alutacea

M. pruinosa

M. fruticulosa

M. procumbens

Natural habitat of M. procumbens

M. purpurea costata Pohl

M. salicifolia

M. stipularis Pax

M. longepetiolata

M. nana Muell

M. neusana

M. pringlei Victoria, Mexico, 1983

M. cearulescens

M. glaziovii

M. pseudoglaziovii

M. angustiloba Durango, Mexico, 1983

M. subspicata Tamaulipas, Mexico, 1983

M. reptans

M. aesculifolia Manzanillo, Mexico, 1983

Manihotoides pausiflora Tehuacan, Mexico, 1983

Manihotoides pausiflora

Hybrid of M. neusana with cassava

Hybrid of M. pseudoglaziovii with cassava

productive aneuploid

Hybrid of cassava with M. anomala

Natural hybrid (right) of M. alutecea (left) with M. reptans (medium)

Fruit shape and color as markers genes in the hybrid

Flower disk as a marker gene

Marker genes of winged fruit (left) and variegated fruit (right)

Interspecific hybrid of cassava with M. pohlii

Inflorescence as marker gene

Apomictic clone 031

The Living Collection of wild Manihot species at the University of Brasilia

Metaphase I in cassava

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