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Gene Conserve Foto Gallery B

Scatter Diagram of hybridization of M. reptans X M. alutacea

Electrophoresis of Manihot species

M. anomala

M. tripartita

Multiembrionic sac

Multiple apomictic embryos

Diploid (left) and tetraploid (right) leave of the hybrid of cassava x M. neusana

Locality of Manihotoides pausiflora in Mexico

Centers of diversity of Manihot species in Brazil and Mexico

Immigrations of the Aruak (after Schimdt, 1951)

Tetrads, triads and diads in cassava clone

Cassava embryo sac structure

Two embryo sacs side by side

Metaphase I of double trissomic (progeny of hybrid of M. pseudoglaziovii X cassava) showing 1III + 17II +1I

Two embryo sacs in the same nucellus

M. aescufolia X M. esculenta (diploid - left, tetraploid - right)

M. glaziovii X M. esculenta (diploid - left, tetraploid - right)

M. neusana X M. esculenta (diploid - left, tetraploid - right)

M. pohlii X M. esculenta (diploid - left, tetraploid - right)

Hybrid 33 (left) common cassava clone (right)

Periclinal chimera (right) of interspecific hybrid cassava X M. aesculifolia

Whole plant

Cassava pollinators

Manihot gene pools

Section in diploid stem

Section in chimera stem

Tetraploid type of Cassava x M. cearulescens

Roots of UNB 400

Tetraploid type of cassava x M. dichotoma

Hybrid of M.glaziovii x cassava

Hybrid of M. pseudoglaziovii x cassava

M. tripartita::leftleaves, right roots

Cooked root of the Brazilian cassava clone unb 400, known popularly by "Amarela"

Three Embryos in an Ovule

Multiembryos in an aposporic sac

Meiotic metaphase 1 has 2n=38; 16 bivalents and 2 trivalents

Cooked root of the Brazilian cassava clone unb 500, known popularly by "Vermelha"

Five years old stem of M. glaziovii

Propagation of M. glaziovii by seed

UNB 600

Metaphase I of polyploidized interespecific hybrid M. glaziovii x cassava

Leaves of the hybrid cassava x M. anomala

Root of interspecific hybrid of cassava x M. pseudoglaziovii

Immigrations of Tupi-Guarani. Area of dispersion of tribes Tupi in the early 11th century. (after Schimdt, 1951)

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