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December, 31, 2002.

Dear Dr. Nassar:

It was so nice to hear your voice over phone.
Yes, you have helped me by providing me with cassava germplasm for identification of the excellent cassava breeding lines produced at IITA. I still apreciate your kind help in this regard.

Sang Ki Hahn
Adjunct Professor
University of Georgia


December, 16, 2002.

Dear Professor Nassar

Thank you very much for your electronic journal. I found the articles to be well written and well argued.

For your information, I am a government advisor on genetic resources, biotechnology and biodiversity (especially in situ resources). I sit on several UK government committees currently dealing with the future of agriculture and biotechnology, and I am also directly involved in the regulatory system for GMOs in Britain.

Thanks you again for the information.

Best wishes

Dr Brian Johnson
Head of Agricultural Technologies Group
English Nature
Taunton TA1 5AA    UK


November, 29, 2002.

Dear Dr Nassar

The Secretariat of the GCDS is very familiar with your very interesting programme and has in particular followed your reports on apomictic cassava. Through the GPGIC your work will be integrated into the Global Action Plan. FAO will work with Dr Alfredo Alves as well as Dr A. Dixon (IITA) to ensure that your ideas are taken into consideration. FAO provides the Secretariat and Mr Dixon as of October 2002 is the new Chairman of the GCDS. Ms Fresco and I wish you continued success in your research.

With best regards,

Mahmoud Solh
Plant Production and Protection Division


November, 21, 2002.

Dear Dr. Nassar

Congratulations for your most interesting site and electronic journal. No doubt, it represents an outstanding contribution to the issue of conservation, in particular of cassava germplasm.

A. Salatino

Professor and Chairman, Dept. Botany
Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil


November, 19, 2002.

Prezado Professor Nagib Nassar,

Obrigado pela informação sobre seu site. Eu acho seu site muito interessante e gostaria de criar um link com nosso site.


Wayt Thomas

Wm. Wayt Thomas, Ph.D. 
Elizabeth G. Britton Curator of Botany 
Institute of Systematic Botany 
The New York Botanical Garden


November, 05, 2002.

Prezado Professor Nassar,

Muito obrigado pela sua indicação deste interessante sito web.


Lorenzo Maggioni

ECP / GR Coordinator
Regional Office for Europe
International Plant Genetic Resources Institute
Roma, Italy


October, 31, 2002.

Dear Professor Nassar,

Thank you for sharing your website reference with me. It contains a wealth of information that I have shared with my colleagues interested in cassava.

Sem mais, subscrevo-me,

Howard Elliot
Howard Elliott 
Principal Research Officer, ISNAR 
c/o IFPRI 
2033 K Street NW 
Washington, DC  20006


October, 27, 2002.

Dear Nagib,

Thank you for your website. Gene Conserve looks like a very good on-line journal. I look forward to reading it in the future. It is also nice to have another option for publishing manuscripts that deal with germplasm diversity issues.

Best regards.

Craig A. Abel, Ph. D.
Research Entomologist
P.O. Box 346
Stoneville, MS 38776


October, 11, 2002.

Dear Nagib,

Thanks for the hint to your website, it is a valuable source for Cassava and other matters on germplasm.
Nice to hear from you and Brazil, have been there on some occations: Goiania, Foss de Iguazu, Rio.

With my best personal regards,

yours Klaus Ammann
Botanical Garden
University of Bern
Altenbergrain 21
CH - 3013 Bern, Switzerland
+41 79 429 70 62


October, 08, 2002.

Dear Professor Nassar,

congratulations on a very interesting web site.

Best wishes.

Dr Mike Maunder

Director of Conservation and Curator of Living Collections, The National Tropical Botanical Garden, 3530 Papalina Road, Kalaheo, Kauai, Hawaii 96741.

Tel. 808-742-1011 ext.110
Fax  808-332-9765

Member of the IUCN/SSC Plant Conservation Committee and Deputy Chair of the IUCN/SSC Reintroduction Specialist Group.

Please visit the NTBG (,  Plant Talk ( and IUCN/SSC ( web sites.


October, 07, 2002.

Dear Nagib:

Thanks for drawing my attention to your wonderful  website.


Professor Wayne M. Getz
  Department Environmental Science Policy & Management
  201 Wellman Hall
  University of California at Berkeley


September, 19, 2002.

Prezado Nagib

Muito obrigado pelas notícias e pelo site do geneconserve.

Neste semestre estou lecionando uma disciplina sobre Recursos Genéticos Vegetais, para a qual a sua informação será muito útil.

Um grande abraço,


Natal Antonio Vello
Chefe, Departamento de Genetica, ESALQ
Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brasil


September, 16, 2002.

Dear Dr. Nassar

Thank you for including me on the recipient list for the new geneconserve electronic journal. This is an innovative and important contribution and I congratulate you and your staff for it.

L.H. Davis
President, Tropic Foundation
CATEI, Costa Rica


August, 31, 2002.

Dear Professor Nassar

I trust that you are very well. Thank you for your updates. I have been
following and enjoying the articles.

I would like to know whether it would be permissable to you if Science in
Africa, reproduced periodically articles
published at your journal, giving full credits and directing readers to your

Please let me know if this is possible.

Many thanks
All of the best
Janice Limson
Dr Janice Limson
Editor-in-chief, Science in Africa
South Africa


August, 30, 2002.

It's nice to hear from you. I hope that everything is alright with you and your work. Thank you for sending me your website address and for the very interesting information therein contained. I am inviting my interested colleagues in FAO to also look at your website.

You may be interested to know that in October 2002, we will hold the first session of the Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture acting as Interim Committee, after the adoption by the FAO Conference in November 2001 of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture. Please find further information on this meeting on our website at the following URL: You may also be interested to know that up to now, 57 countries have signed the Treaty and 8 countries have ratified it. The Treaty will enter into force upon ratification by 40 countries.

Best regards,

José T. Esquinas-Alcázar 
FAO Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture 
Viale delle Terme di Caracalla 
00100 Rome, Italy 
Tel: +39 06 57054986, fax: +39 06 57053057 


August, 28, 2002

Dear Dr. Nassar,

I would like to congratulate you on you excellent Manihot website and I'm positive that meeting you and seeing your collections (herbarium and living) .

Thank you very much for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.   Best regards,

Randy Evans, Ph.D. 
Missouri Botanical Garden


August, 29, 2002.


Dear Nagib,

Many thanks for letting me know of the site - I will let my ethnobotany 
students at the University of Kent at Canterbury know of its existence.

Once I reformulate the Global Diversity Foundation website 
(, I will make a link to yours under websites of 
ethnobotanical interest.




Dear Collegue,

Thank you for your mails. I am very time happy to receive information about cassava biotechnology. I am Congolese (DRC), speaking firstly French and English secondly.

Thank you for your next information.

CIRHULWIRE C. Jean-Pierre, CBN Member,

       Cell Biologist


August, 7, 2002.

Prezado Dr. Nassar,

Tive  a oportunidade de visitar o excelente site  pelo qual congratulo-o. Apesar de não conhecê-lo pessoalmente eu tenho informações a respeito do seu brilhante trabalho e da sua grande dedicação à pesquisa.  Recentemente vi menção na mídia à sua candidatura ao "World Food Prize" o que certamente atesta a grandeza da sua contribuição e o reconhecimento da comunidade científica e acadêmica ao seu esforço. 




Maurício Antônio Lopes, PhD

Chefe do Departamento de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento - DPD

Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa Agropecuária - Embrapa

Parque Estação Biológica

PqEB - Av. W3 Norte (final)

70.770-901 - Brasília/DF

Fone: (61) 340-5518

Fax: (61) 347-2061




July, 03, 2002.


Dear Dr Nassar,


I have visited the site you suggested and found it very stimulating. I will be adding a link to you site on our site,


I also read some of your articles published on your site. Would you consider writing for us about the importance of preserving plant genetic diversity and the need for seed banks and other genetic conservation programs?


My best wishes


Oskana Hlodan

Editor & Project Director




June, 13, 2002.


    Prezado Nagib,

    Achei fantástico o site GENECONSERVE que você me enviou, gostei muito
dos Flashs e das animações. A galeria de fotos está bem detalhada e vou
poder usála para tentar algumas espécies que eu coletar futuramente.

    Um forte abraço,

   Reginaldo de Carvalho




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